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How To Create a Kick-Ass Launch Campaign.

So here you are, polishing the last few items on your brand new shiny website. Life is so exciting right now and you can’t wait to launch your website with a bang. Orders will roll in, the phone won’t stop ringing and you will be exhausted from counting all of your money.

Erm, except you won’t.

Build it and they will come is a widely subscribed to fantasy by everyone who doesn’t have a website yet.

Having a slick responsive and shiny new website with all of the latest bells and whistles is only a small part of the pie. Now you need to get out there and tell everyone about you, get your business in front of your potential customers and then keep them there long enough for a conversion to happen.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t.

Whether you are launching a brand website, new product, a shiny new brand, concept, service or doodad, you are going to need a kick-ass launch campaign to make sure the party gets started just right.

So just how do you make this all happen? We will give you all of the tools and tips you need to crack into your kick-ass launch campaign right away.

Landing Page

Remember when your website build kicked off and we created a “Coming Soon” page for you. You will have had the opportunity to start collecting emails through this page and other sources like your social media page and getting leads onto your mailing list. 

How do you get people to sign up? Offer them something exclusive like a subscriber-only loyalty program or discount code. Exclusive pre-launch product releases for subscribers only, whatever works for your business. The key to keeping them on your list is not to spam them with mails. Then once you have got them you can load them into an automated nurture sequence. We personally use, and love Flodesk

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Lead Nurturing

This is the perfect option to gain credibility and authority with customers that may be interested but are not quite ready to commit. Or to create excitement and urgency, building up to your launch date. It is a process that can be completely automated and you can set up as many automation as you like.

Lead-in from landing page – Thank you email followed by a nurture sequence leading up to launch day. Highlight your USP’s, sneak peek at products, build hype and excitement with a final email offering exclusive pre-launch access with a discount code.

New Subscriber – Welcome Email then onto a fortnightly nurture sequence of 2-3 emails highlighting your USP’s, featured products, reviews – anything you like.

New Customer – Thank you email, request for product or service review and then onto a nurture sequence based on their previous purchase. This can highlight other products they may like and offers an opportunity to cross-upsell.

Read more about flodesk workflows

Social Media

If you haven’t already got some social media pages going, the time to get that up and running is now. Create snippets of content that will intrigue, entice and most importantly get people to share. Introduce your new brand colours, watermark your branding on product images and start drumming up some excitement and interest.

  • Post images of the products that are coming and open exclusive pre-orders for subscribers only, driving signs ups to your mailing list.
  • Launch a “limited edition” product, later “extending” the product offering due to the “high demand” eventually listing it as a permanent product and best seller
  • Run a social media competition for a few weeks before your big launch day and announce the winner on the day of the launch. Entries will drive awareness, create hype and everyone will tune in on the big day to see if they have won

Bloggers and Influencers

Make contact with bloggers and influencers in your industry who will review your product, website or service and share with their followers. This can have a massive impact on your launch, and is great for building content for search engines

Influencer marketing is a type of paid collaboration that works in a similar way to how celebrity endorsement did or does. Except a little easier on the pocket. Social Media influencers have a minimum of 200 followers and their audiences can run into the millions.

If you are looking for an Influencer Agency here are some well known NZ based Companies. (We do not in any way endorse any of these companies, we just know about them. We still recommend you do your due diligence before signing any contract.)

Populr https://populr.co/pages/for_advertisers

The Social Club https://thesocialclub.co/

Firefly Digital https://fireflydigital.co.nz/influencer-marketing/

Research and reports show the ROI on influencer marketing is starting to outweigh other digital marketing channels.

The influencer marketing concept is gaining serious traction in NZ and the rest of the world. If you are not ready to ride the wave, it would pay to keep an eye on it and keep up to date.


Need some extra things? Here are some links to get you started!

Free Image Libraries

Pexels https://www.pexels.com/

Unsplash https://unsplash.com/

Free Design Program 

Canva https://www.canva.com/

Still feeling lost? Speak to us and let’s see how we can get your launch campaign up and running!

Disclaimer: This post contains a few affiliate links to products we know and love. Clicking these links won’t cost you a dime, but we may get some serious love and occasional kickbacks from the affiliated companies 🙂