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7 Hot Website Trends for 2020

Web design is an ever-evolving beast and it seems to be impossible to keep up. Ask a web designer how much the industry and technology have changed in the last 5 years and they will tell you so much has happened it could have been 20 years.

Websites that previously had a lifespan of 8 or more years are completely archaic now after 3. Their 3-year-old design is just not going to be compatible with the latest technology and an upgrade to keep things ticking over is a necessary event. No matter how well your site was developed or designed, it is no match for the ever-increasing velocity of technology.

But in saying that, it does make us revisit, measure and update our websites regularly. Ensuring we keep up with what our customers want and need from us. Making sure we are moving forward and not being left behind in the dark!

So if you are considering an update of your website this year, here are 8 of the hottest website trends for 2020 that you might want to include.

1. Minimalist Design

Well, who would have thunk it – minimalism is the iconic style trend that just keeps evolving and we love it. This year, we are seeing things like lots of white space, solid colour backgrounds, and solid white and coloured frames. Showcasing striking images and elements while drawing your eye to the most important information. It is totally dramatic and shyly subtle all at the same time. What’s not to love?

2. Letters gone Large

Typography has gone completely off-kilter this year, bursting the banks of its seemingly conformist ways. Letters fill up pages demanding attention with their massive size and stark outlines. Words are loud and proud this year with variable fonts just oozing charm and authenticity. Typography is unapologetically taking centre stage and we are in awe. Long may it continue.

3. Retro Love

Retro design is back and it is everything you could have wanted and more. Iconic design styles from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s are popping up as the mix effortlessly with the now, transforming design into a quirky modern chic. Retro typography, dusty colour palletes, textured outlines, and dynamic patterns are all weaving their magic into all sorts of design – print, and web – and we hope it is here to stay. So go ahead and unleash your favourite retro font, that cherished childhood pattern and all of those gorgeous smoky bold colours into your website design and let the retro love shine.

4. The Naked Nav

Naked navigation – it’s almost radical in concept but brilliant in conception. So far removed from the traditional header style designs where menus and navigation were upfront and centre, now it is a discreet blend into the background. And surprisingly it works! Over the years navigation has been getting simpler and smaller to keep up with the growing demand for mobile usage and this year it is an ultra-minimalist naked nav. Taking a back seat to images and design, navigation is gearing up to improve customer experience by showing less.

5. Dark Themes

Dark mode is so hot right now, it integrates perfectly with some of the other popular trends this year and designers are loving it. Bright design elements are able to pop on polished, classy and ultra-modern backgrounds while giving typography an opportunity to unleash its wildest moves. Dark themes with features such as overlapping layers are just so moody and provocative, it is no secret why people love them so much. But from a practical point of view dark themes reduce eye strain and can save screen power too.

6. The Rise of Cyber Punk

The what? We know right! Cyber Punk design in all of its futuristic glory has arrived on the web design scene in 2020 bringing us all of the glowing, neon feels. Who knew that glow in the dark could be so strategic? Combined with some uber-cool 3D imaging and high tech features, websites are turning information sharing into luminous journeys of the future.

7. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

As we go down the list you can start to imagine all of these glorious elements merging together and it is hard not to get excited. Hand-drawn illustrations are hardly a new concept but when it comes to websites it’s a down to earth kind of brilliance. With so much technology under our fingertips, hand-drawn imagery and icons are a delightful, abstract and utterly imperfect addition. Is having your own in house artist going to be a thing to come? Only time will tell.

Where to Start 

Some of these trends might feel exciting to look at and experience but you might not be ready to make them all you. The good news is you don’t have to. Subtle hints of neon, retro or even just a naked nav could be exactly what you need right now. Let your designer lead the way, they will know how to bring your personality to the forefront of your website design with you feeling overwhelmed or left behind. 

Ready for a new look for your website? Start here.