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Sales and Your eComm Store – Where are They?

Having trouble finding that sweet spot of sales and regular orders with your eCommerce store? There could be things blocking your customers journey to checkout and conversion success. Let’s find out what they are.

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Smarter not Harder – Websites We Love

Think about some of your favourite websites you like to use – your go-to sites for things you need, the ones you head to for reliable sources of information, shopping, banking…all of them. What do you like about them? Other than necessity, what makes you go back to them and use them again? These are the kinds of things you are going to want to include when you build your own website. Elements that will help you work smarter, not harder, giving your customers a first-class experience over and over again.

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WordPress vs Shopify vs Squarespace 2020

Building a website can feel overwhelming, everyone has an opinion on what you should use, what costs less and what is right for you. But there is no substitute for your own research and we agree. So we have put together some of the pros and cons for WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace so you can figure out which platform is right for you.

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Sharp Engineering

Sharp Engineering Web Design, WordPress, Service Based Business & Ecommerce Website View live site

Chilton + Mayne Architecture

Chilton + Mayne Architecture Web Design, WordPress, Service Based Business & Project Portfolios View live site

What is a Nurture Sequence?

A nurture sequence done right can be a very powerful tool in establishing your business as a thought leader who becomes the go-to for authoritative, relevant information. When a nurture sequence goes wrong – as it often does – it becomes just another one of those pushy sale emails that end up deleted or even worse, marked as spam.

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Life After Lockdown | Three.

Life After Lockdown | Three. An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown. Give your Customers a Reason to Stick with You The seeds that are planted now are the ones that will bear fruit later. Nurturing your clients and attracting new ones while establishing yourself as a thought leader, … Read More

Life After Lockdown | Two.

Life After Lockdown | Two. An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown. Crisis Management There may be some of us who are trained in crisis management but this will be the first opportunity any of us has actually had to apply the theory. And apply it directly to ourselves, … Read More

Life After Lockdown | One

Life After Lockdown | One. An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown. Where are We Now? As small business owners, we are born resilient. We run families, budgets, and strategies with the ability to lean into just about any storm that comes our way. Many of us have experienced … Read More

Pivot & Prepare

Life as we know it is incredibly different from how it was just a few weeks ago. We live in bubbles on lockdown. Meetings, deliveries, workouts, social gatherings and happy hour are all remote, virtual and contactless. And this became our lives overnight.

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