Pivot & Prepare

Pivot & Prepare.

Life as we know it is incredibly different from how it was just a few weeks ago. We live in bubbles on lockdown. Meetings, deliveries, workouts, social gatherings and happy hour are all remote, virtual and contactless. And this became our lives overnight. 

Which just proves how resilient we all are. 

Businesses are still running – from homes with cranky toddlers, piles of washing and partners roaming listlessly in dressing gowns from room to room. Yet we are still here, our sense of humour evident in the memes and the hysterical Zoom faux pas that will just never get old.

So what does it look like next? 

Nobody really knows and that is okay. Will we go back to normal? What was normal anyway? Networks and our business buddy groups have doubled in size, we are having online conversations with strangers who we never knew were neighbours and the ideas fires are burning strong.

A month ago

Just a month ago you might have been cranking up the advertising, pulling out all of the marketing stops and hustling for that second look from potential customers. But the stream of busy people just passed you by. 

Today audiences are in abundance like never before – front and centre.  Just waiting for you to present your solutions to their new problems and yet so many people have abandoned their message and their marketing en masse. As fear parked projects and advertising in their tracks.

Now is the time

So now that you have an abundance of potential customers in front of you, what are you going to say? Don’t stay silent and have to answer the question, ‘Where were you in lockdown?” later on. Pivot your message and remind people that you are still here, maybe just in a different way.

Make no mistake when lockdown is over there is going to be a scramble to get ahead, so why not prepare and be ready instead?

Hairdressers & Beauticians

Get your products, gift vouchers, services, and even appointments online. Speak to your website designer about doing the work now and paying it off in instalments to you can be up and running when the doors for business open again. 


If you are not online, this is a perfect time to get your online offering on the go. Offer bundle deals, subscriber-only specials, lockdown sales for delivery later. Kick start pre-order sales for the next season, offer vouchers and free gifts for all orders taken during lockdown – keep the flow of money moving.

Non-Essential Services

Taking bookings for birthdays, events, special occasions? Encourage existing bookings to reschedule at no cost and invite new bookings on board with deals and referral bundles to help people over the line. More than ever people are going want to be together again, give them something to look forward to and open your bookings up for later in the year.

Restaurants and Cafes

Again, if you are not online, there is no better time like the present. Sell meal vouchers, run social media campaigns to get people involved in new season menus, post lockdown cocktails they want to try when they can come in again and why not offer family bundle deals available for purchase now to be used later. This is the perfect time to connect with your audience – showcase your staff with fun bios, share stories of local produce suppliers. People love the stories about who is behind it all, share them now.

Don’t wait until lockdown is over to try and figure out a way to stand out from the crowd. The time is ripe to the work now, accept payment plans offered and beat the rest to the starting line.