Life After Lockdown | Two.

Life After Lockdown | Two.

An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown.

Crisis Management

There may be some of us who are trained in crisis management but this will be the first opportunity any of us has actually had to apply the theory. And apply it directly to ourselves, our businesses and family. 

We are suddenly just expected to innovate, pivot and be poised without losing our minds. While our kids climb the walls with boredom and projects are put on hold left right and centre. How the hell are we supposed to get this right? 

The good news it is perfectly okay to not get it right, to not have all of the answers and to feel totally despondent. Allow yourself the kindness to acknowledge what you feel, take time for what you and your family need and the rest will come. 

Time vs Money

So now that you have all of this time on your hands you may feel compelled to help people. But helping people for free isn’t going to pay the bills, but trying to leverage your business off the hard times of others also doesn’t feel right so where does that leave you? Somewhere in the weird, unchartered territory of the middle.

  • Share skills knowledge and experience within your network – you may be able to provide the spark that ignites someone else’s action plan
  • Ask yourself how you are going to make money in the next 30,60, 90 days and explore ideas you haven’t even considered before
  • Repackage existing product offerings – Things like bundle deals, payment plans, and resources at reduced costs will help keep the money coming in and help other people to do the same,
  • Skill swaps might work for you if you and other service providers can trade or exchange what you need to get done without spending money.
  • Upskill with online tutorials, online courses through e-learning portals. Many providers have slashed prices to help people upskill while still driving sign-ups. A perfect example of repackaging existing product offerings.
  • Kickstart projects you always wanted and needed to do but never had the time to do because you were too busy running a business.
  • Revise your processes, declutter your strategies, untangle yourself from subscriptions you barely use.

You are going to have days where you feel catatonic with fear, desperation, and panic. You are going to have days where you start eyeballing the gin at 9 am. Let them happen and let them pass so you can get them out of the way for the positive planning days. 

You want to look back on this time and be able to tell yourself you made most of and the best you could out of a bizarre scene from what should have only ever been a weird Netflix series. 

Your kids are only going to remember that they didn’t have to go to school, that you were at home with them all the time, everybody could stay in their pyjamas all day and they ate pancakes on weekdays.

You have got this.

Sara xx