Life After Lockdown | Three.

Life After Lockdown | Three.

An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown.

Give your Customers a Reason to Stick with You

The seeds that are planted now are the ones that will bear fruit later. Nurturing your clients and attracting new ones while establishing yourself as a thought leader, can be done. 

Things like offers of advice and how-to tutorials, templates, tips and tricks that helped you get this far, share them. Identify what problems your clients and customers may be facing and help them solve them. 

People are spending a lot more time online but nobody is making long term commitments. Focus on the short and medium-term to help each other pull through.

Empower & Support

Everybody – clients, customers, colleagues, employees, friends, and family will all welcome some empowering support in all shapes or forms. It is time to dish it out. 

  • Remind colleagues of why they started and help them with impartial advice on how to get their mindset back in the game.
  • Provide employees with regular and transparent communications, don’t leave them in the dark with their own speculation for comfort. You are going to need them to be on their A-game when business can resume. Support them, encourage them and make yourself openly available to them.
  • Give something back – use your skills to help someone polish their CV, look over their strategies with expert eyes, proofread, become an accountability buddy, use your skills and experience to upskill someone else so they can diversify their income streams. The opportunities are endless.
  • Encourage a friend who is down to try something new, join a free online yoga class or tick something off of their bucket list to help them stay busy and optimistic.

Everybody is being totally bombarded with information, speculation, opinion and experiencing an onslaught of messaging. But it is still so important to keep connecting with those around us outside of our bubble and in our network. Morale goes up and down and that is to be expected, all we have to do is power through with the positive and pass it on. And it will grow.

Sara xx