Life After Lockdown | One

Life After Lockdown | One.

An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown.

Where are We Now?

As small business owners, we are born resilient. We run families, budgets, and strategies with the ability to lean into just about any storm that comes our way. Many of us have experienced hardship, heartache and well, hysteria. 

But nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared any of us for this. 

In many ways, we don’t even know what this even is, what it is going to mean for us today, tomorrow or in the long term. 

People are freaking out around us and we are trapped in our homes with piles of washing, cranky toddlers, husbands who feel like pancakes at lunchtime and partners who are feeling just as stressed as us. 

What can We Do?

Every day seems to have new updates and changes that feel like it makes it impossible to put together a workable plan let alone a solution and it’s hard. But there are things we can control. 

  • Address immediate challenges one at a time, even if they change daily
  • Address short and medium-term cash flow issues and be transparent with your team
  • Communicate daily – check-in with your team on a personal and professional level. Make sure everyone is clear about their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Realign expectations of output – it is unrealistic to expect team members to have the same level of output in an environment with everyone at home
  • Stay away from clickbait and social media speculation
  • Only consume information from credible sources – define this as a best practice for your team and your family
  • Disconnect and recharge – you can’t make good decisions if you are stressed, panicking or burnt out. Switch your phone off, go for a walk, do a puzzle with the kids
  • Start outlining your post lockdown plan

There may be some instances that it will be impossible for your particular type of business to diversify in ways you had hoped. Not everybody can get their service offering online. Networking, connecting and checking in with your business buddies, colleagues and friends is a fantastic way to gain some level headed sanity – just make sure you surround yourself with the right people. 

Share your knowledge of other businesses, contractors and service providers you have used or know about, follow each other on social media and connect. This is the perfect opportunity to build the next step together – community first. 

Kia Kaha

Sara x