Add an Instagram feed to your WordPress website with Elementor

Let’s add an Instagram feed to your website!

Step 1: Log into your WordPress website

Grab the credentials your web designer sent you when you launched your website and log right in!

Step 2: Download Plugin

On the black menu to the left of the screen, click “plugins” and then “add new.”
Search for “Smash Balloon Instagram feed”, click install, and then activate

Step 3: Connect your account

Once installed, head on back to the Plugins menu. Under Smash Balloon Instagram feed click “Settings”.

At the top of the page click on the blue button saying “Connect an Instagram Account” Follow the pop ups to connect your account. Once connected your username will show under the blue button.

Step 4: Customise

Click the second tab from the left that says “Customise”. Scroll down and customise your layout by selecting things such as the number of photos and columns you want to display, ensure you save changes. Here I have selected 6 photos and 6 columns.

Scroll down and untick; Show Feed Header, Show Bio Text, Show the ” Load More” button, Show the Follow Button. Click saves changes right at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Display your feed

Click the tab third from left at the top of the page “Display Your Feed”
Copy the shortcode [Instagram-feed]

On the black menu on the left hand side of the page, select “Pages” and under the home page select “Edit with Elementor”

Step 6: Add feed to Home page

On your home page, scroll to the bottom and click the red circle with a +, then select the single tile, a new section will appear.

To the left of your page is the Elementor menu, within this at the top right there is a square grid, click on this. A selection of widgets will appear with a search function above them. In this search function type “shortcode”, select this widget and drag it to the new tile you just added to the bottom of your page.

Paste shortcode in the dashboard to the left.

Step 7: Almost there, make it look good!

On your page, hover over where you added the new tile and a blue box will appear, select the square grid. This should being up the Edit Section dashboard to the left.

Select layout – Full width and finally the green update button at the bottom of the page.

Voila, all done!