Business as [un]usual | The Transition.

Business as [un]usual |
The Transition.

Everybody is talking about how to keep business going as per usual when well nothing is as per usual. Heels have been replaced by slippers and bra-less is right up there with paper-less – all overnight. There has been very little time to plan and get organised let alone get your head around it everything. 

For many people, the office is a sanctuary from piles of washing, sinks full of dishes and the never ending spread of toys and crayons. It is a creative place to function and make the things happen. So how will you manage when the two places suddenly merge? 

The Pixel & Ink Team and have been running their Motherships from their home base since forever and have a few tricks and tips to help you through the next few weeks so that you can stop eyeballing the gin.

It’s Going to Feel Weird

The next few days and weeks are going to feel like an anxious mix of elation, frustration and with plenty of wow-why-didn’t-I-do-this-before moments. Do not shame yourself for not getting it right in one day, we have been working like this for a really long time and we still have days where we say fukkit. #enterthegin

Make Your Space

Finding a place for everything that the cat or little sticky toast hands doesn’t have access to is key. That space might be a whole room, a desk in the corner of a room or the dining room table – it all works. Deck out your space with your zen things – plants, pencils, notebooks, whatever you want and need to make it yours. Banish your new workmates – kids, partners, roommates, and pets – from touching, moving or using anything that is there.

Test Your Video

Your new space might be in a kid’s room or the lounge. So before you hit join onto a video conference or meeting, test your video to see what everyone else can see in the background. A well-placed plant or strategically pulled curtain can hide a multitude of laundry sins, kid pictures or teenagers band posters on the wall that you may not want to include behind you when you are trying to be taken seriously “at work”. 

Tip > If you can meet the veeeery long list of requirements, you can get a virtual background with Zoom.

Use Music

Working from home is just riddled with distractions and it can be tough to stay focused. It won’t take long for you to figure out what your procrastination triggers are and when you can indulge them, but to start off with we recommend music to help you get into the zone. Spotify has a fantastic selection of everything from animal and nature sounds, yoga music, jazz, podcasts and all sorts to help you focus. 

Tip > Missing your colleagues? Follow them on Spotify to see what they are listening to or create a work from home playlist so you are all listening to the same things.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Working from home with a bored family on top of you is going to be a challenge. And if you think you are not very good at project management, you’re about to become a pro! Organise your kids into a schedule to fit into your work from home schedule – one with structure and consistent break and mealtimes. Communicate with your team about your availability and be realistic about what you can manage. 

Tip > Don’t try and match your availability to someone who doesn’t have kids at home when you are trying to juggle a cranky toddler. Don’t shame yourself into having time you don’t, you will burn out in 3 days.

Making it Work

The first week is going to feel a little wild, just do the best you can and forget the rest. Week 2 is going to be heaps better and everyone will have started to settle down into a routine. 

So now that you are getting yourself sorted, let’s talk about all of the tools and software you can use to make your life that much easier.  Keep an eye out for our blog post next week for “Tools we use”