Abandoned Carts.

Right now, millions of people around the world are stuck at home and living most of their lives on their mobile devices.

Trying to navigate this new world of no-face-to-face shopping, while also restricted by the places they can even shop online with our courier service being [rightly so] under the pump delivering essential goods around the country.

With not much “checking out” happening right now, you can’t bet your bottom dollar there are a gazillion [it’s a real number, Google it] products being added to carts and left there, in hopes that one day soon everything will return to normal.

Let us introduce you to Abandoned Carts.

This nifty little feature when used right, sends an email to your customers reminding them they have left some goodies in their cart, and would they pretty please come back and finish their purchase.

Right now, that’s probably not so appropriate. You could turn those emails off for now.. or…. 

Switch the messaging up. 

Let your customers know you are aware that they left things in their cart, remind them that you’re not shipping right now but perhaps as they would like to be notified when you start shipping again

Followed up with a polite invitation to join your customer mailing list. 

If accepted [because you asked so nicely] pop them in your [gentle] nurture sequence and look after them while you are closed. 

People remember the businesses that look out for them when times are tough and let us tell you, they remember the companies even more that continue to hound for sales when the time is not right. [ahem, like right now]

Not sure if you have an abandoned cart or if it is working

Proceed to your store as if you were a customer, add a product to your cart and see what you get. If you get nothing or you get a truly rubbish response you may need to fix that. 

Flick us an email and let the Pixel & Ink team have a peek to see what is going on.