Life After Lockdown | One

Life After Lockdown | One. An ongoing supportive series to help you and your business navigate the unknown. Where are We Now? As small business owners, we are born resilient. We run families, budgets, and strategies with the ability to lean into just about any storm that comes our way. Many of us have experienced hardship, heartache and well, hysteria.  But nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared any of us for this.  In many ways, we don’t even know what this even is, what it is going to mean for us today, tomorrow or in the long term.  People

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Pivot & Prepare

Life as we know it is incredibly different from how it was just a few weeks ago. We live in bubbles on lockdown. Meetings, deliveries, workouts, social gatherings and happy hour are all remote, virtual and contactless. And this became our lives overnight.

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Abandoned Carts

As we all navigate this new world of no face to face shopping, carts are being abandoned left right and centre. But there is still a way to connect with your customers and nurture those carts to checkout. The Pixel & Ink team explore the best ways you can use your abandoned cart shopping feature to work for you and your business.

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Business as [un]usual | The Transition.

Everybody is talking about how to keep business going as per usual when well nothing is as per usual. The Pixel & Ink Team has some straightforward, practical advice to help you through the topsy turvy days of the new normal.

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7 Hot Website Trends for 2020

There are some exciting and dramatic design, style and functionality trends that are hot as this year for website design. Time to unleash your wildest design skills and use some of the cool elements that are taking the online design world by storm.

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